Marshall McLuhan Speaks

Centennial 2011

Photograph of Marshall McLuhan

The year 2011 marks Marshall McLuhan’s 100th birthday. For more than half a century, his thoughts have been hotly debated, discussed, and interpreted in myriad ways. Yet very few people have actually heard McLuhan speak. They have not had the opportunity to see and hear him explain what he meant by his best-known sayings, “The medium is the message,” “global village,” and others.

Today, a historic opportunity begins for the whole world to hear what he said and what he meant simply by going to the Internet — a medium that he himself presaged almost five decades ago.

Start with Tom Wolfe’s introduction to the man he brought to public attention and savour McLuhan’s sayings, prophecies, and insights on the electric age, television, and, yes, even himself. You will hear McLuhan talking directly to you.